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Heritage Recipe for Dark Fruit Cake

Published on December 13, 2009

This heritage recipe for dark fruit cake was first made by my grandmother, Vittoria Marie Collia in preparation for her own wedding to Pete Camozzi on March 1st 1931. Gramma made it for many family weddings over the span of her life and we also enjoyed it annually at Christmas. This is absolutely the best cake and that is because it is so full of wonderful ingredients. Using fresh ingredients and taking joy in the process is the secret of taking a recipe and creating something fabulous. Baking these cakes alongside my grandmother is one of my fondest memories and I proudly carry on the tradition of making this dark fruit cake (Insert Picture of cakes)

More information: Picture of ingredients laid out and another of the cake or cakes.
The preparation begins the night before. In a large bowl pour boiling water over the raisins and currants. Allow them to sit a few minutes to puff back up then drain and set to dry on cloth or paper covered cookie sheets. Set about to cut up the dates and toss a little flour on them to keep the smaller pieces separated.  Crack the almonds from shells then put in a quick scald of water so the skins peel off. Sliver the almonds. Crack the walnuts being careful that they are fresh and no bits of shell get in. Chop the walnuts but not too small or they will get lost in the cake. Cover the nuts till morning. In the morning mix the cherries and raisins and dates together. Gramma always layered the nuts in the cake as she was filling the tins so that they were evenly dispersed and could be seen once the cake is cut.  So set aside nuts until you are actually putting the cakes together.  You don’t have to use nuts from the shell but do be careful that you are buying fresh nuts and store any extra in the freezer to keep longer.   Line your cake tins carefully with tin foil. There in the morning you are already and set to bake cakes! They smell divine baking!  Later once the cakes are completely cooled you can drizzle brandy on top of them. My great grandfather‘s favourite was STOCK so that is what I use.  Wrap the cakes tightly in foil and either freeze them or store in tight tins in a cool place till Christmas...We take a piece along in our ski suit for emergency rations! 

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